Other Blogs I Run

booksandblondesimage copyBooks & Blondes is a blog dedicated to emerging authors and those looking to break into the ultra-competitive world of publishing.  This blog has featured a variety of emerging authors with titles ranging from science fiction, to fantasy, to paranormal, to true-life.  If you are interested in learning about emerging authors, upcoming titles, and some tips and tricks in the world of writings, stop in, pour yourself a cup of blonde roast, and enjoy the discussion.

shipsunsetOff (the) Path History is a blog devoted to some of the lesser-known and discussed aspects of America’s past.  Though in its infancy, the hope is that this page can help not only educate about some of the hidden gems of our nation’s heritage, but also address controversies and hot topics with regards to historical subject matter in a respectful, educated manner.  There are two basic rules followed on this blog – verifiable history is shared, and absolute respect for others and their opinions.  As it is an open educational blog, sharing is highly encouraged.

mature contentDeep in the Back is a members-only, invitation-only erotica-oriented blog which is dedicated to both the literature and issues of sex in our world.  It is run with “The Simple Rule”:  respect for the individual.  . The Simple Rule is adhered to at all times, and violators will be blocked.  Only those 21+ may join to ensure The Simple Rule is followed.   If you wish to join, email me a message regarding membership will be sent back.


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