A Harem Boy’s Saga – I – Initiation; a memoir by Young

Synopsis: A Harem Boy Saga; A Memoir. Book 1 – INITIATION.

This provocative story is about a young man who was initiated into a clandestine sexual society. He was spirited to the Middle East, from his UK boarding school. He attended the Bahriji School (Oasis,) in The United Arab Emirates in preparation for serving in Harems for the wealthy and elite.

It is also a love story between the young man and his ‘Valet’ who served as his chaperone and mentor during the boy’s Harem service.

Author’s note:
I had a privileged and unique upbringing in Malaysia. Following in my brothers’ footsteps, I was sent to an exclusive boarding school in England. It is there that I was inducted into a clandestine organization, E.R.O.S. The Enlightened Royal Oracle Society. For four years, unbeknownst to my family, I was willingly and happily part of a Harem.

My story has been kept under wraps for close to 45 years. The correct moment has arrived for me to make known my unique education.

An Excerpt:

No Distance between Us

Celebration of Love

It was close to midnight when I walked to my room. Nikee was still at the celebration, dancing the night away and chatting up the female students from Hattonfield Abbey. I wanted some solitude and a chance to catch a breath of fresh, night air. It was hot and stuffy inside the Hall; I wanted to chill on my own for a while. It was the dead of winter and the night sky was beautifully lit by a full moon. Although the air was slightly chilly, it wasn’t damp or cold like England usually is during the winter and early spring months. Maybe I had danced too vigorously, but coming out of the heated Hall into the refreshing night air was such a wonderful relief. It was one of those rare evenings on which peace, calmness and serenity reigned supreme. The gods had created the midnight sky with such brilliance and beauty that it seemed a shame to retire to the four walls of my dorm room. I decided to continue walking towards the boathouse by Swan Lake where I sat quietly, drinking in the enchantment of the evening.

I sat on the wooden pier absorbing the beauty that surrounded me. My mind couldn’t resist wondering what my future had in store. Deep in concentration, I felt a hand touch me on my shoulder. Turning around, I found Nikee standing behind me. Surprised to see him, I asked why he had left the party and how he knew I was by the boathouse. He did not reply to any of my questions. Instead, he lifted his index finger to my lips, indicating that he wished for me to be quiet. I kept still; he did not utter a word. Kneeling beside me, he turned my head towards him and kissed me, full on my lips.

Taken by surprise, I did not move a muscle. His tongue pried opens my lips, exploring my emotions of longing. I had dreamed of this for months. He was doing exactly what I had yearned for, but I wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t think my longing would ever be fulfilled.

Not releasing his grip, he held me closer than he had before. His tongue continued probing my mouth until I received him willingly. I had ached for his passionate kisses and now it was happening. Yet, I was afraid. I held onto him, breathing in his intoxicating masculine essence. My mouth opened in response to his passionate determination. Lifting me to a standing position, Nikee held my head with his strong hands, drawing me closer to him, wanting me to return his loving desire. His kisses sent electricity coursing through every cell of my body, drawing me to him like the gravitational force of the Sun. I had no choice but to give myself willingly to this bewildering experience. His beautiful bluish-green gaze never left my eyes. This reminded me of his tender love during my fit of jealousy early in the school year, over John. Under the silvery moon, I felt his fiery arrows bursting through my soul again, filling me with liquid honey between my longing thighs. Nikee, my ‘big brother’, frightened me in many ways; his loving actions and stare bewitched me completely, melting my boyish body into his masculine embrace.

Finally, he released his grip, telling me to sit and wait while he went into the boathouse to gather some warm blankets and towels for us. As we stood by the lake, he began to slowly unbutton my dress shirt, placing his hands on my naked body, caressing my soft skin. Slowly he reached his hands below, caressing my hardness beneath the fabric of my pants, unzipping my trousers and letting them drop to the ground. I could feel the chilly air brush against my naked skin, but with Nikee’s warm body next to mine, the chill dissipated into the night sky. I slowly undressed him, just as he had undressed me, until we were both nearly naked with only our white briefs between us. He reached into my briefs and began stroking my erection, sending sparks of electric currents coursing up and down my naked body. I reached into his briefs to touch his manhood, ready to be unleashed from its confines.

Suddenly he took my hand and plunged us into Swan’s icy water! As I came up for air, Nikee lifted me out of the water and wrapped us both in warm towels. Taking off my wet underwear, he dried our bodies before wrapping us in the warm woolen blankets he had laid on the grass. My spinning uncertainty was starting to slow down after being submerged in the cold water. Everything looked clearer than ever. We sat by the water’s edge, admiring the tranquility of the night in a warm embrace. He turned my face to his and continued where he had left off, planting his longing kisses on my accepting mouth. This time, his tongue moved downwards towards my tiny nipples. Playing, circling and teasing the tips to erection, this stimulation aroused me, arching my body towards his strong arms which supported the small of my back. Feeling his warm body next to mine, I gave in to his every wish. His kisses were soft and gentle, biting, teasing and caressing. Our hardness stirred between the nakedness of our thighs. The more intense his adoration, the more aroused we became. My hands touched his strong muscular V-shaped back, stimulating my hardness to release stickiness onto my belly. Big Brother reached his fingers to my groin, feeling my excitement pressed against his masculinity. His fingers scooped my wetness for us to taste, driving me insane with sexual ecstasy as he lunged his tongue back into my mouth, I could taste my sweet salty liquid mixed with his saliva; it was delicious! His hard, muscled buttocks moved in rhythm to my continual pleasure, rocking us into Oneness.

He leaned above me so I could inhale the essence of his groin. His muskiness drove me wild. I opened my mouth to draw him in. His hardness plunged deeply into my mouth, unrelentingly. I wanted him pushing and pulsating in me. Lifting himself to a push-up position, he fed me his hardness, withdrawing occasionally for me to taste the muskiness below his erect length. He lifted my legs to his shoulders, spit into my virginity, and prepared my opening with his sweet saliva before easing himself inside the very depths of my being. I surrendered to bliss.

Tonight, I was finally his and I knew he wanted this to last. I was in heaven! My head was whirling as if the beauty of the Aurora Borealis had descended upon Swan Lake. The indescribable ecstasy sent shivers and goose bumps over my young body. We rocked back and forth steadily to a rhythmic slow love dance. I didn’t want this wonderful sensation to end. Seemingly knowing my thoughts, he continued our dance in slow motion. We became one with the universe. Nothing mattered except the fusion of our souls into a single loving entity. Finally, our bodies could no longer stave off the inevitable. I involuntarily released, covering my belly with a wetness that slid off my slim waist and trickled onto his muscular thigh. The excitement was too much for him to hold out any longer. With a loud moan he gave himself to me, releasing deep within my core being.

Our moans and groans merged into a solidified oneness throughout the course of our union. His body jerked with intensity as he pushed his masculinity deeper into me, a gift I was only too happy to receive. I wanted his love to fill every part of me. We kissed for a long time after making love, not wanting the night to end.

That night, we sealed our union many times over before the wee hours of dawn greeted us. After jumping into the cold water to wash, we dressed and snuck back to our room.

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